This quote by Eleanor Roosevelt couldn’t be more correct.  Not all of your decisions will be hailed as perfect or popular, and that isn’t the goal.  As a production superintendent, I learned that no matter what decisions I made it would make me unpopular with either my supervision or those that worked for me.  Often a balance was struck, but it wasn’t always easy.  I accepted that and understood that there were still endless decisions that lay before me and ultimately I had to make the decision that balanced mission needs with my people’s needs.  Instead of worrying about what people felt about my decisions, I simply accepted that making the best decision that was true to me and the circumstances at the time was the best course of action.  Sometimes those that judge our decisions do not have the perspective that we do on the circumstances we face.

Read Joe’s article titled ‘The Point of Decision’ to get a perspective on evaluating others’ decisions.  Save yourself from the pitfalls of being overly critical of decisions made by others and remember that leadership and management is not a popularity contest.