I treat everyone differently.  Why?  Well, it comes down to a few things.  Management and leadership, while vastly different, really boil down to getting the most out of people and realizing their full potential.  Remember all those personality characteristics you learned about (think DiSC profiles) in the various levels of PME?  There is some validity to how you approach each person because their motivations may not match your style of leadership and their motivations vary.  For some, frequent reassurance of their value is warranted whereas for another person, leaving them alone to do their work is preferred and the occasional chuck on the shoulder keeps them going.  Some are more reserved, others more outgoing.  Models like the DiSC profile system and Situational Leadership model are just a few ways we attempt to diagnose our approaches to people.  Remember that flexibility in leadership is key.  Recognize that each person is unique, that they bring different strengths to the team, and that each requires a different approach.