The day I found out I made SMSgt, I was congratulated by a civilian coworker–a retired Chief.  He said, “Congrats Jessy, you’ll probably never get any feedback again!”  His words made me think.  I had no doubts that he would probably prove correct–only time will tell.  I wondered why that was?  Corporate executives, CEOs–the leaders of businesses seek coaching as a method of feedback.  As enlisted people, we have some huge responsibilities than our predecessors did in the Air Force, which makes getting feedback of the utmost importance.  Why wouldn’t I receive feedback even as a SMSgt?  Our current CMSAF uses self-assessment tools to hone his leadership approach and considers himself a lifelong student of leadership.  Be humble enough in your rank and position, no matter how high, to take some feedback–and seek it out.  It only seeks to make you better.

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