I am very guilty of this. My whole life I have taken on multiple projects at the same time. I had to learn to say ‘no’ to some and, even then, I still take on a lot. I have learned to prioritize my efforts better. But, still, I am taking on a lot. When I finally get frustrated and choose one rabbit to chase, I am always much happier. How many rabbits are in your garden?

One thought

  1. Joe, I think a lot of the high performing members of our Air Force can relate to this thought of yours. As a SNCO, I have made it a point to identify my high performing members and keep track of how many tasks are piled onto their plate. Stress by task saturation is compouned by leadership because we know we can rely on certain people to complete multiple tasks and to high standards. To this day I still take on too many projects at once and often need to offload things to lower my stress levels. As leaders our job is to take care of our people and guide their growth into strong leaders. That’s not possible if we break them during that process.


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