I’ve felt confusion in many roles I’ve held. Those jobs quickly became demoralizing as I struggled to understand what priority I was working toward while my grandiose ideas were put on the backburner permanently. Many Airmen fight with this issue. The sooner we recognize that we must set a priority in our jobs and understand the essential duties from the nonessential, the sooner we might alleviate stress and anxiety that comes with doing many things but not being effective at any of them. One reading I recommend is ‘Essentialism’ by Greg McKeown. I’ve found that, while I am not great at many aspects of my job, I know that the focus I’ve applied to a few areas will pay dividends in the future and make a better organization overall. The hardest part is knowing that means I may upset some people in the chain of command, but it is a tradeoff for the greater good and provides a clarity of purpose and it’s something I have come to terms with. Focus is key, and doing a few things with excellence can make all the difference.