Time. Wisdom. Money. These are the three resources we all have.

I have received many emails asking how to support our movement to serve others through mentorship here on our site. I have never had time to think through a real answer until now. We all have varying amounts of time, wisdom and money. Most people are blessed with an abundance of one. If this is you, here are some ways you can support:

Time. Continue reading our articles and share with those you think they would benefit. Let us know who you think we could reach out to more. In the near future, we will be looking for some volunteers to help with the website and Facebook page. We are growing and it is becoming a lot for me to add value by myself. Email us: inspiretomorrow@gmail.com if you have any ideas or are interested in helping on the site or Facebook page.

Wisdom. You have had some amazing experiences and have learned so much, don’t let it go to waste; share it with our readers. If you have something you would like to teach us, you can become a contributor or I can post it anonymously if you like. I am never the smartest person in the room (and I am currently alone while writing this) and encourage feedback on how we are doing and what we could do more or less of. Send an email with your thoughts to: inspiretomorrow@gmail.com and mentor a member of our team.

Money. Right now, our operating costs are less than $90 per year. I got you. However, if you would like to contribute to helping us grow, buy a book I recommend or even the short book I authored on the books page.

Just to get your juices flowing here are some future projects I am blueprinting currently:

Creating a weekly Podcast – need ideas or connections for people to interview.
Redesign website – let’s face it, this is definitely not a strength of mine.
Giveaways – I want to fund resources for our readers like books, online courses, etc.
Online courses – there is a great opportunity to create content to help others
Pocket book – we all have the little brown book…let’s create a modern manual for our teams

I have many more in my idea folder, but these are all in motion and I would love some of your resources above to assist or to suggest something else.

Thank you all for being the best team of mentors and for dedicating your time, wisdom or money to deliberately developing the leaders of today and building the foundation for tomorrow.