These are great books we highly recommend:

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You Can’t Beat Me! by Joe Lawrence. Have you ever felt like you were backed into a corner or felt the need to stand your ground? Have you ever said something due to an emotional reaction you wish you could take back. If this is you and everyone else who wants to win every physical or verbal fight or even avoid them all together, this book is for you. You Can’t Beat Me! covers the motives behind fights and the strategies to take to win every fight.


Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday. Many of us insist the main impediment to a full, successful life is the outside world. In fact, the most common enemy lies within: our ego. Early in our careers, it impedes learning and the cultivation of talent. With success, it can blind us to our faults and sow future problems. In failure, it magnifies each blow and makes recovery more difficult. At every stage, ego holds us back.


Tools of Titans by Tim Ferriss. This book contains the distilled tools, tactics, and ‘inside baseball’ you won’t find anywhere else. Tim has interviewed over 200 guests on his podcast and this book includes new tips from past guests, and life lessons from new ‘guests’ you haven’t met. You will find tons of actionable advice and great perspectives in this all-inclusive book broken into: healthy, wealthy and wise.


The Servant by James C. Hunter. In this absorbing tale, you watch the timeless principles of servant leadership unfold through the story of John Daily, a businessman whose outwardly successful life is spiraling out of control. He is failing miserably in each of his leadership roles as boss, husband, father, and coach. To get his life back on track, he reluctantly attends a weeklong leadership retreat at a remote Benedictine monastery.

20,000 days20,000 Days and Counting by Robert D. Smith. Most people sleepwalk through day-to-day life, passively letting time slip away.  Unfortunately, the only thing that can usually wake people up to the intensity of life is impending death.  But what if it didn’t have to be that way?  20,000 Days presents breathtakingly simple strategies and concepts that, once applied, will enable readers to be 100% present and intentional with every passing minute of every day, for the rest of their lives.


start with whyStart with Why by Simon Sinek. Any person or organization can explain what they do; some can explain how they are different or better; but very few can clearly articulate why. WHY is not about money or profit – those are results.WHY is the thing that inspires us and inspires those around us.
From Martin Luther King, Jr. to Steve Jobs to the Wright Brothers, Start with Why shows that the leaders who inspire all think, act, and communicate in the exact same way – and it’s the complete opposite of what everyone else does. Drawing on a wide range of real-life stories, it provides a framework upon which organizations can be built, movements can be led, and people can be inspired – and it all starts with WHY.

moved my cheeseWho Moved My Cheese? by Spencer Johnson. Dr. Spencer Johnson realizes the need for finding the language and tools to deal with change–an issue that makes all of us nervous and uncomfortable. Most people are fearful of change because they don’t believe they have any control over how or when it happens to them. Since change happens either to the individual or by the individual, Spencer Johnson shows us that what matters most is the attitude we have about change.

deep workDeep Work by Cal Newport. Deep work is the ability to focus without distraction on a cognitively demanding task. It’s a skill that allows you to quickly master complicated information and produce better results in less time. Deep work will make you better at what you do and provide the sense of true fulfillment that comes from craftsmanship. In short, deep work is like a super power in our increasingly competitive twenty-first century economy. And yet, most people have lost the ability to go deep-spending their days instead in a frantic blur of e-mail and social media, not even realizing there’s a better way.

work the systemWork the System by Sam Carpenter. The leader doesn’t see the mechanisms that are producing the bad results. The systems of life are there, working constantly, whether one sees them or not. So it follows that unseen (and therefore unmanaged) systems will produce random bad results. Fixing these bad results is called fire-killing. The leader who is blind to the machinery that is producing the bad results won’t be able to reach in to adjust it so it will create desired results. The successful leader sees the machinery and therefore can adjust it to produce desired results. It’s the seeing part that is critical.

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Leading with HonorLeading with Honor by Lee Ellis is a book for men and women who want to elevate their influence and effectiveness to the next level. The basic layout for each chapter is a story from the POW camp, Hanoi Hilton, to highlight leadership principles and examples. At the end of each chapter is personal coaching designed to help you apply the principles. The book is divided into two sections, Leading Yourself and Leading Others, and contains 14 chapters. There is a “Foot Stomper” at the end of each chapter to summarize the key point and help lead the review. (description from PACE website)