Products Developed by Peers:

PDS – Followership . This is a great PowerPoint that volleys up 10 talking points for leaders to discuss the most important thing every leader must know and have had mastered to be a great leader: followership. Provided by Bradley Keszler.

TSgt-DDP-PTT This is one of the most in-depth development plans I have ever seen completed by a supervisor. Martin Foster shared this with me and I was blown away about how deeply and thoughtfully he looks at his subordinates career and how he outlines growth potential.

Career Progression and the Feedback it Takes to Grow Leaders 04 May 18 . – this is a PowerPoint presentation developed by Corey Bayne about providing feedback to your team and setting them up for a successful career.



Harvard Business Review – One of the best resources for learning what is happening in the civilian sector! Perusing this site will certainly enlighten the reader with something they have not thought about before. Con: content is limited for those without subscriptions.

Profession of Arms Center of Excellence – This is an Air Force site with lots of great resources for leaders and Airmen. Spend some time on this site and you will find some great tools to use to have deliberate discussions with your teams.

Wait But Why – Great articles that are in-depth on all sorts of topics and very entertaining with Tim Urban’s humor an illustrations.

Pete Ruiz – Air Force NCO who has a passion for writing and leading. Check out his writing here on Medium.

I love podcasts. They are free and enable me to hear many different perspectives while driving to work or even while working out.

Art of Manliness – One of the best interviewers I have ever heard, Brett attracts lots of great authors and leaders and provides lots of quality content. Con: there are a couple of minutes of ads in the middle of the podcast.

Disney Magic – Short 20 minute sessions with a Disney customer service genius. Lee Cockerell was the long-time VP of operations for all the Orlando parks and resorts. It is a question/answer session and has the feeling that you are talking with your father.

Learning Leader – A great common sense approach to leadership. Ryan is a humble person who is striving to learn more about leadership and how it can be applied to our everyday lives.

If you have a resource (website, book, product, etc) you recommend, email it to