Deliberate Development

Professional Development for the Military Leader

Daily Deliberation: 19 October 2019

This really made sense to me after watching my 9 year old boss around her little brother. He agrees to be compliant when she is hen-pecking him, but that only lasts when she is around. Those who want to be the boss, are only effective when they are pulling the leash. Once they stop from exhaustion or have to move to another area, their influence is over. However, those who are leaders, can impact the masses long after they are gone.


Daily Deliberation: 18 October 2019

I once hired a plumber to fix something I didn’t have the courage to tackle. I watched videos on YouTube and phoned a friend or two. All talked about how the job was not easy and was best to hire a pro. I did. I watched him come into my house and replace the valve in a matter of minutes and never broke a sweat. It looked so simple until I realized he had done this 100’s of times and was an expert with his tools. Don’t be afraid to practice those things that are hard to you now…they will get easier as you get more proficient.

Daily Deliberation: 17 October 2019

I am very guilty of this one. I have so many ideas for stories, courses I want to build, professional development products I want to create, and not to mention the things I want to do with my family and friends. However, just having an idea doesn’t do any good if we can’t get it out of our heads and place it in motion. The few times I have been successful at this is when I was deliberate in putting those tasks on my calendar and vowing to work on them at those times. Ideas without plans are like lost treasures with no map. Don’t deprive the world around you from the great things you are capable of and draw your map today.

Daily Deliberation: 16 October 2019

This is an interesting statement. Our first instinct is to shy away from something that is different from the norm. We even criticize those who have the courage to try, but then we see them start to experience some success and want to emulate them. Be willing to look at what others are trying to do before you look at them as dumb.

Daily Deliberation: 15 October 2019

We have nicknamed ourselves a one-mistake Air Force. However, we all know many people who have made serious mistakes and are still chugging along. The “one-mistake” refers to those egregious acts that show a deliberate decision to break the law. We all make mistakes…it is ok to mess up. We need to learn from them and move on. Just like Jenny taught us in yesterday’s article…it is up to us to change the culture.

Daily Deliberation: 14 October 2019

If you are reading this, you are probably someone interested in bettering yourself. For many years, I would not discuss or share things I had learned with others. I didn’t want those I was leading to know I needed help being a leader. Once I became secure enough to admit I didn’t know it all, others felt secure enough to admit it to.

Daily Deliberation: 13 October 2019

Couldn’t agree more. I wish I knew why success did not come easier. Why can’t there be an actual get rich scheme or get a six pack in a week plan? I don’t know why the best things in life require the most effort, but I do know that they do take work. Stop wishing you would have started 10 years ago and start today. You will be happy you did in 2029.

Daily Deliberation: 12 October 2019

I love this thought. We can’t control most of what happens to us, but we have complete control over how we react to it. When someone throws a branch in our way, we choose what happens next. Are we going to stumble over it, jump over it, move it for those coming behind or go around? You have the power to choose.

Daily Deliberation: 11 October 2019

Think about all of the times you have failed. I know all of my failures have taught me two things. First of all, everything is going to be ok as I have survived each failure. Secondly, I have learned from my failures what not to do next time. Some failures have been bigger than others, but each scar of failure is a reminder of a career and life where I took chances and grew.

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