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Daily Deliberation: 14 December 2018

For most of my time as a SNCO I was afforded the opportunity to make tough decisions. I never wanted to betray this trust by taking the easy way out and doing what everyone else was doing. Instead, mentors taught me to seek out the problems our Amn and NCOs were facing and solve them. I have failed more times than I have succeeded, but every time I was able to move a rock from the path of a teammate, it was worth it.


Daily Deliberation: 13 December 2018

This is a much harder thing to put into action. We do not get to pick the jobs we do while in the military. I was placed onto a lot of crappy jobs while working as a Crew Chief on the flightline. However, those on the shift found ways to make the best of it. We would tease each other, encourage each other, and basically embrace the suck. I still think of many of those nights doing the worst gigs on the line and look at the moment fondly because of the team. Find that thing in your job that you enjoy: the people, a soft skill like customer service, or whatever gets you fired up…if you’re stuck figuring it out: email me at or reach out to me on linkedin.

Daily Deliberation: 12 December 2018

I can’t tell you how many jobs I approached with fear. “There is no way I can do that!” or “I will never be as good as <predecessor>.” Almost every time, I was able to do the task and sometimes as good as those who came before me. I learned there is an initial fear of the work ahead. Once I understood there was a learning curve and knew I would have to work to learn, my journey was still arduous, but it was possible in my own mind. Don’t look at the next thing with fear of what you can’t do; rather, think about all of the times you did succeed.

Daily Deliberation: 11 December 2018

Most of us look at learning as a thing we need to do to level up as if we were playing a video game. We run down the list of upgrade tasks to either sign off those we are training or to get signed off of ourselves. The system even encourages this by setting time limits on how long it takes to become a 5- or 7- level. There is never a gauge of “quality of training”. In the instructor world, we champion the phrase: “Objective taught not objective complete.” One suggests a checklist and the other suggests the transfer of knowledge. Strive to use what you learn and master it.

Daily Deliberation: 10 December 2018

So many of us get placed into situations that scare us. We are asked to brief the boss on a plan or a problem. We are asked to take over a shop that is failing. We are asked to supervise an amazing team. Change and the unknown scare the crap out of us. However, I bet if we all looked back on similar moments in our past, there were other times like this. Each time we did survive and we learned something valuable. Give it a go and be confident you will survive!

Daily Deliberation: 9 December 2017

I agree and disagree with this one. Agree: if we want to be respected and be the leader others want to follow, we have to be respectful and earn their hearts. Disagree: there are many superiors in my past who I could not stand and hoped they would stub their toe often; however, I complied with their direction. I respected their position, not the person. We all have the option of being respected based on the stripes on our sleeves or based on the quality of our character. Which do you choose?

Daily Deliberation: 8 December 2018

We are meant for great things. However, when the finish line of the race is designed to edify ourselves, we are missing the point. We have the gifts and talents that we do to further a cause or an ideal. We will all be pushing posies at one point, but the causes we champion will continue on. I already know you are a legend, no need to prove it to anyone else. Further someone or something and your work will live on forever.

Daily Deliberation: 7 December 2018

I love this picture and this generation. They did their job broke new grounds in how we fight wars and forged the reputation of the American Professional in Arms. Thank you to those of the greatest generation for laying our foundation. May we continue to build upon it.

Daily Deliberation: 6 December 2018

Our whole lives we are told we are pretty snowflakes. We are unique and none other like us. However, we are told this as we are being poked and prodded to be just like everyone else. Mocked for wearing the wrong clothes, called names for not liking the popular movies or shows, and singled out if we act unique in anyway. Just be you.

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