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Daily Deliberation: 5 November 2019

I think we look at things we face in our lives and workcenters as if they are beneath us. I know I have done this many times throughout my career and am guilty of it still on occasion. We think the task is too simple for us or something we did as an Airman and we are above that now. However, our actions are obvious to our teams and we do lead by example. When we are above the minor things, our teams look down on them too. Instead we need to accept we are not above any single task present in our workcenter and all of the little details make up the whole. Don’t let your position or ego get the better of you.

Daily Deliberation: 4 November 2019

This is very true. Who we surround ourselves with and what we read shape us. What are some of your favorite quotes?

Daily Deliberation: 3 November 2019

I have seen so many people pass up an opportunity because they were not prepared or because they let their ego get in the way. This is a sad thing. It is sad not because the door is gone, but because they are not willing to put in the work it takes to reopen that door or the ability to swallow their pride to repair the damage of ego. Don’t be either of these…go back to the door.

Daily Deliberation: 2 November 2019

I have seen many people over the years who could not accept there were things outside of their control. Sometimes we fall into the “shut up and color” zone while in the military. I know this has happened to me many of times and I was driven to make rank so I could right the wrongs I experienced. What I learned was there are a lot of things that exist for a reason and my efforts were more fruitful when I focused on what I could influence. I was able to fix some things and had the ability to make the mission better and those on my team better prepared. There are enough things in our own sphere of control that need fixed; don’t waste your energy worrying about what is out of your reach.

Daily Deliberation: 1 November 2019

Jim Collins teaches us in his book Good to Great, he states we should put as much attention into our “stop doing” list as we do into our “to do” list. I have noticed that almost every single person at every single level takes on tasks they shouldn’t. Some are doing things they know are out-dated, but never say anything about. Some volunteer to take tasks from others. We need to think about the things we are doing and what things we can stop doing to focus more on what actually moves the mission forward.

Daily Deliberation: 31 October 2019

Grit. We typically don’t have too much stress or true fear of failure on our routine tasks. Most of us do fear trying something new or going out on the limb because we are worried we will fail. This fail could stain our reputation and earn us a mark down. We need to stamp this fear out of our lives and careers. Instead, push the limits. If you fail, learn from it and try again. Keep trying and learning until you succeed.

Daily Deliberation: 30 October 2019

“This one time at band camp…” We all want to revel on our past achievements or even wallow in our short comings. Many people over the years have sought mentoring from me about something that happened years ago. I was told about how a flight chief (2 flight chiefs ago) had passed this person by for an opportunity and that is the reason for his gloom and doom mindset. We have to let go of what was and strive for what could be. The past is there to learn from, not to re-live.

Daily Deliberation: 29 October 2019

My father once told me that if I want to be a champion, I have to run with champions. Back then I took it literally and sought those who were the fastest in my school and hung out with them. I eventually carried this habit into other areas of my life and realized true champions do something differently than everyone else. In fact, what makes them champions is that they do what others are not willing to do. While everyone else was out partying, they were in college classes. They stayed after the unit PT sessions and worked out some more. They waited a couple of extra months to save for something they wanted instead of charging it their card. Basically, if you are tired of not succeeding in some area of your life, look for something new to try.

Daily Deliberation: 28 October 2019

I used to try and shield my team from tough tasks. I thought being a good leader was to protect them from being worked too hard. What I learned was that I needed to give them ownership of their abilities and let them shine.

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