Deliberate Development

Professional Development for the Military Leader

Daily Deliberation: 11 August 2019

I find the game of poker interesting. It is a game where you could receive the worst possible hand and still be the winner. The better the hand, the better chance you have to luck your way into success. Life is the same way. Some of us are born into better circumstances than others and can get by for awhile based on this. However, all of us can get ahead if we decide to. When we decide to work hard for the outcomes we want, we WILL succeed. Stop looking at what others have and go get what you want for you.


Daily Deliberation: 10 August 2019

We tend to mirror or compare ourselves to others in the world or our workcenters. There are times it is useful to see how we are performing on the team in comparison to others. However, we should not try to become the other person or even think our contributions should be equal to that of others. We are on a team because we have a role to fill, we can’t all do the same thing. Never thought I’d steep to quoting the Patriots, but their saying…”do your job” is appropriate to everyone. Learn your role and then do the work. Don’t try to be like the others.

Daily Deliberation: 9 August 2019

This is the piece of advice I give so many NCOs. I used to tell them this after they got in trouble and would try to do HUGE things to overcome their transgressions. More often than not, they would come short and look even worse. So, I would tell them to do NOTHING extra. Do the basics and do them perfectly. Then once the spotlight was on another, start expanding and working on ONE extra thing that you can focus on intently. You will eventually become the expert everyone wants to learn from. I have learned this strategy works for everyone and not just those in trouble.

Daily Deliberation: 8 August 2019

As leaders we tend to create policies. Sometimes they are intended and other times they are not. When we verbally dictate or draft a letter to say how things should be, we are talking the talk. The key moment is and true test is if we walk the walk afterwards. Are we enforcing these policies? Are we saying one thing and doing another? I know I am guilty of this myself. I will say a certain office is responsible for something and then when things go wrong, I am tempted to group punish instead of holding the right person accountable. To be honest, I have to hold myself accountable a lot of times too!

Daily Deliberation: 7 August 2019

With instant access to any piece of information our heart desires and the ability to order something online and have it at our door in two-days is a great gift of technology. However, this instant access to resources has confused us into thinking everything should be instant. Instead we need to use these gifts to better ourselves. When we put in the work to better ourselves in a deliberate way, we will find success. True success only comes when you put in the work.

Daily Deliberation: 6 August 2019

This is something so few of us will actually try. Two things have stopped me in the past: fear of what lies ahead. Will I fail? What would others think? AND lack of experience. We can’t forge new paths if we don’t have the knowledge and training. The experience and courage to make new paths comes from trying; failing; learning; trying again. What could you do to gain experience needed this week?

Daily Deliberation: 5 August 2019

Mentorship is an often confused term in the Air Force.  It is sometimes a term synonymously confused with ‘career progression grooming’.  However, it is important to remember that they are distinctly different things.  Being a mentor is more than just showing someone the path to the next grade.  Mentorship is about developing abilities.  Seeking out that person that seems to have an area of their life figured out where you might otherwise be weaker at can be the basis for a mentoring relationship even if it doesn’t involve your career.  Find that person—it is truly a win-win situation.

Daily Deliberation: 4 August 2019

What does it mean to have power? I have seen people chase duty titles or rank because of the perceived (or even actual) power. It is curious to see how they act when they are in charge. Do they empower others? Do they demand others to create things for them? We all have worked for that boss who wanted you to use your time and efforts to do something that simply made their lives easier. Power and authority are not given to us to exploit others; we are entrusted with these gifts to move obstacles for our teams to succeed.

Daily Deliberation: 3 August 2019

We all say we will relax once we accomplish “X”. We either set this goal so high that we have to give all of our effort to achieve it or we get there and feel like it is not enough. To be transparent, I hope one day that my mentoring of others can be become my full time job. I will work daily to get there; however, I constantly remind myself to enjoy the journey. If I get there one day, I will only consider it a success if I enjoyed the ride.

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