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I have always loved the starting of a new year, because it forces us to reflect on the previous one. 2017 was a great year for Deliberate Development as we expanded our mentor team and added daily articles to further our movement to serve through mentorship. (to meet the team, go here)

2018 will bring even more great things to serve you and your team. Next week’s article is going to discuss four areas that all great NCO/SNCOs touch and by growing here, you will grow as a leader too. We are going to focus on these four areas for a good chunk of the year.

Some other things coming this year:
– Inspire Tomorrow is a company we are starting to serve everyone (not just military) with lessons learned. This is will benefit you as new resources will be created there that will benefit each of you.
– We are working on a Deliberate Development guide to capture key things and package them as a ready-reference.
– And a few more projects that we hope to get to…

Thank you for taking the initiative to grow yourselves and to grow your teams!

Happy New Year to the greatest readers on the planet!

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