I’ve heard many millennials complain that the Air Force is not what they thought it would be or has not led them to where they thought they should be.  But, I encourage all Airmen young and old to consider what the Air Force offers that the corporate world does not.  

It’s different for everyone and each person is at different spot of their journey with highs and lows.  For me, it’s a sense of family wherever I go which is unparalleled with anything else I’ve ever experienced.  It’s also a sense of service, pride, humility and honor knowing I am dedicated to something bigger than myself that is not all about me.  Lastly, the Air Force and it’s leaders have invested in me, giving me opportunities I never could have experienced in civilian life.  My life is richer from these 19 years and though there a few things I might have done differently along the way, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  

What do you value the most about serving (or having served) in the world’s greatest Air Force?

– Aspen H.