When I was an Airman, my first duty assignment was on an Army base and we were a tenant unit.  All of our support functions (FSS) were 90 minutes away and the FW’s leadership changed out, so the Command Chief came TDY to work with our leadership, see how they have been supporting us, and asked to do a lunch with the Airmen.  The unit rounded up 10 or so of us to go have lunch. 

Chief started the conversation by asking about how life was here and the struggles and so forth.  After a while, we got onto the subject of attitude, and he asked the group, how many of you wake up, roll into the restroom, start getting ready, and look yourself in the mirror and say, I’m going to do a bad job today? The room sat quiet.  He broke the silence telling us no one does that.  We all look at the mirror and tell ourselves to go get it and do the best we can. Starting the day off with the right attitude helps your overall mindset.

That lesson stuck with me over the years about how attitude sets the tone. I recently started a one-year remote tour and before I was leaving most people were surprised that I was excited to go.  I knew what this assignment had to offer me: opportunities.  My attitude is that I take any opportunity the AF has to offer me because those opportunities are how we grow as people. The opportunities for me broke into this is the first time being on a flying base, new food, new culture, new friendships, new challenges, and new goals. 

Every opportunity will have their upside and downside, how you tackle them starts with your attitude.  For the past 13 years, on the days I think are going to be hard, while I’m standing there shaving, I can hear that voice reminding me to go give it my best.

Make it Happen.

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