I have no idea why I Googled the Little Engine That Could yesterday…but I did. Watty Piper shared a story with us in 1930 that we’ve all heard at least once but I’ve gotta tell ya, I had this story wrong. Allow me to give a brief summary: It starts with a regular engine carrying toys and food to the kids on the other side of the mountain and it breaks down. On three separate occasions, other engines, more than capable of pulling the engine up the mountain come by but refuse to help…they’ve got better things to do. Then this tiny blue engine comes along and asks what is going on, is unsure if it can pull the engine up the mountain, but gives it a try anyways. You all know the end of the story, the train gets over the mountain and the children get the toys and food they needed. Here are three lessons I got from the story:

  1. Never pass an opportunity to help someone out. It might be helping someone cross the street or carrying a load of food over a mountain. Stop and ask…one act of kindness could change someone’s day.
  2. If you are a friend or co-worker, encourage and motivate those around you. That engine didn’t get up the mountain alone. It got up there because the toys and clowns were clapping and cheering (read the story).
  3. If you don’t try something you’ll never know if you can do it. Go outside of your comfort zone…you’ll probably surprise yourself.

If you want to read the story here is the link: https://www.printmag.com/post/watty-pipers-1930-the-little-engine-that-could.

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