We’ve all heard the phrase “there is no I in Team”. It’s been said a million times and had a million different spins or interpretations…here’s a million +1. I was going to try and go literal and if you spell the word in all caps…TEAM, it could be said that it has 13 “I’s” in it. Then I decided just to reflect on how I’ve been doing things and, in my mind, it all comes down to this. Teams are made up of a bunch of “I’s”, there is no way around that as teams are made of individual people. Depending on what level of leadership you are at, your biggest concern is how that “team” is performing. However, at some level, someone has to look at the individuals on that team. Teach, train, mentor and care for each person on the team…because they are all different. It’s because of this, that when you bring all of these “I’s” together they make a great team. You’ll see a trend in many of my posts…this one is no different, take care of your people and they will take care of your company’s mission. If leadership takes care of the “I’s”, the “I’s” will know they are taken care of and they will take care of you and the Team.

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