I’ve stated in previous posts that prior to the military I used to stock shelves in a grocery store…and loved it! I don’t do it often, but every once in awhile I’ll accompany my wife on her bi-weekly shopping trip and monitor the employee’s stocking techniques and then usually give a Simon Cowell type critique…it’s fun. Yesterday was one of those days and my wife sent me to get a 2 boxes of baking soda…but the shelf was empty. A young lady had a cart of stock and I noticed 2 cases of baking soda at the bottom of the cart…so I assisted getting to the 2 cases. Now baking soda is one of those items that is a little difficult to get out of the box, very tightly packed and just a pain to get out. I told her to “watch this” and opened one end of the box and flipped it over and the 12 boxes came out stacked on top of each other and then grabbed each stack, 4 boxes at a time and threw them on the shelf in record time…then grabbed my 2 boxes, thanked her and went on my way. As we continued to shop I happened to walk by as she came to the next case of baking soda and guess what? She opened one end, flipped the case over and used the technique I had just shown her. Kind of a long story to make one small point. I could have told her that tip and she would have thought I was crazy and pressed on with her day…but I took time out and showed it to her. 30 seconds of my time will save her countless amounts of time…and maybe more if she shows more people. Lead from the front…you never know when the opportunity might present itself!

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