As a commander, nothing made me happier than when I was able to go out and notify folks of good news. Typically it was to notify them that they had been selected for a promotion, maybe they received an assignment they had been working hard to get. I loved giving good news…it was fun to deliver it and see the joy on their faces. On the flip side, giving bad news wasn’t on my top 10 list. What I did, and I respected any of my bosses that did the same, I didn’t change my method of delivery for good news or bad news…I delivered it myself and I did it face-to-face or by phone as a last resort. As a reader, and as a person that may be on the giving or receiving end of the bad news. If you are on the giving end, do it face-to-face and even if it is their fault, remember they are human and do have feelings…so do it with some style. If you are on the receiving end, just appreciate the fact that the person giving the bad news is taking the time to do it personally and it isn’t easy for them. Just another tough leadership trait to try and master.

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