I hope that if anyone has ever worked or talked with me they understand my philosophy on taking care of people. My focus has always been, and always will be, take care of your people and they will take care of the mission. What does “take care of your people” mean though? I could probably write a book on that topic alone…but here is one small topic that’s been on my mind. Many times the “taking care of” is just providing the opportunity. The opportunity to train, educate, promote, make a mistake…and learn from it. Many times when a failure occurs it is because the opportunity was taken advantage of. My point is this, leadership can’t do it all, at some point, YOU have to take some action to take care of yourself. When YOU fail to take action, then you have to take the blame. Again, this is a broad topic, but this small point is one I’ve seen coming up a lot lately. Think about it as both a leader and a follower…are you providing the opportunities and are you taking advantage when the opportunities are presented?

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