I turned on my monitor this morning and noticed that I had 7 “tabs” opened on my web browser. Add on some Excel and Word documents and the list of tabs grew even larger. Made me think that our lives are similar to that…we have a lot of things going on in our lives. While we try and focus on doing one task, the rest of those tabs are sitting there, staring at us wondering when we are going to click on them and work on them. Many of us like to say we are just good at time management…and you have to be today, but do all of those tabs really need to be opened? Take some time and look at the tabs you have opened in your life today. Can you close a couple of them and focus on the more important ones today…give them the full attention that they need? Prioritization comes along with time management too! Kind of a silly analogy, but something to reflect on today. Just look at what tabs you have opened as you’re reading this today. Have a great day!

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