My kids probably hate it, but I love telling them about how things used to be. If I wanted to send a message to somebody, I had to write it down on paper and then find a creative way to fold it…and then hand-deliver it or slide it into their locker. Having privacy on a phone call was limited by the length of the cord on the receiver. After printing out documents you had to carefully tear the edges off the paper, hoping you didn’t accidentally rip the pages and have to do a re-print. Yes, times have changed, and technology has given us powers that some never thought we would have. We literally have the powers to reach unlimited amounts of people simply by typing a few words and clicking a button. That message will be read, shared, tweeted, commented on…you name it. We’ve been given a power, my question is, how will you use that power?? Will you try to change the world with a message or hope that your message has a positive impact on just one person? Use your powers wisely my friends, just remember, you will never make everyone happy, and no way everyone will agree with you. I choose to try and change the world one person at a time…maybe that person is you today!

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