Do you realize that we have the ability to influence how everyone around us reacts and actually can set the tone for our work or even home environment? I know that I tried to keep my emotions in check, but once in awhile if I was having a bad day, those in the office could tell. Maybe I was just very quiet or had a look on my face…but they could tell. Those were the days I told myself to snap out of it because my bad day wasn’t a result of anything that anyone in the office did. We can have the same impact at home…don’t bring a bad day at the office to the house. We all have bad days, we all need to talk, vent and figure out how to make the day better. I ask you to think about how you’ve reacted to a bad day and if you’ve let it affect those around you? Could you have handled it differently? Everyone around you is watching and will learn…they will handle their bad days from watching others handle theirs. Be the positive influence today!

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