How many times have you had this conversation with your family…”What do you want for dinner”? Between your spouse and maybe a child or two there may be a few options and then you say “I don’t care”. So a selection is made and then you say “I don’t want that”. Been there, done it, and will probably do it again…lesson is, I really did care. I thought about that after I voted the other day. Lots of political ads, lots of chatter on social media posts…the election is a big deal. I’m glad I live in a country where I get a choice, they ask me what I want and I have the choice to say “I don’t care” and let everyone else choose or at least have a say so and give my opinion and vote. Maybe the person I vote for wins and maybe they don’t, but once I drop my ballot I have done my part and I can go to bed knowing that. So, I hope you speak up, don’t say “I don’t care” and once you drop your ballot support the decision of the country.

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