At one point in my career my day started the same…every day, a meeting at 6am, 7am and 8am. Kicker was, they were all related to the same thing…just at a different level of leadership. At the last meeting, the 8am meeting there were usually about 40 people in the room…30 of them didn’t speak. My point being, that was a lot of time being spent briefing the same data over and over and then having a lot of people in one room again. As time went on and I moved up, my meeting schedule changed but I still came in early…why?? I was most productive between the hours of 6am-8am and 3pm-5pm…no meetings. I’m not saying to cancel meetings, meetings are important, most of them are must haves and the information that is past on is critical to meeting the job requirements for your company. Think about the amount of people required to attend the meeting, the preparation the attendees go through to prep for the meetings and maybe how often you have the meeting. Perhaps that meeting could be moved to 3 times a week? If you find your productivity going down I challenge you to look at your calendar and then look at the calendars of your co-workers. The answer could be right in front of your eyes. Have a great day!

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