For those of us reading this that are a little more “experienced” in life, I’m sure you remember the days of trying to be recruited into some sort of sales experience which you found out was a Pyramid Scheme. Quick summary, somebody recruits you, then you recruit people, the people you recruit then recruit more people…and so on. Not here to debate them, but I thought about how life is like a Pyramid Scheme and the more I think about it…I could probably write 10 different posts on the different parts of your life are like this. Today, I’m going to focus on your job.

When I used to officiate retirement ceremonies I would tell the person retiring their legacy would live on…why? Because of all the lives they have affected over the past 20+ years…but it doesn’t stop with just the people they came in direct contact with. It started with the people that “raised” the retiree when they were just starting. How were they welcomed into the military? How were they trained? What was the attitude of the person training them? That along with the way that they were raised all prepared them to start to train and work with people down the road. Maybe they trained and “raised” 5 people at first…and here it comes. Then those 5 grew and started to train and raise the next level…and that continued for 20+ years and will continue for a long time.

Lots of words to say this, “raise” people right and they will “raise” others right. Do things the wrong way and people will do it the wrong way too. Especially if they look up to you…at work, at home, in life in general. Your pyramid is growing and expanding every day…just be aware of that. Have a great day!

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  1. Good stuff! Take a minute and thank a mentor for their positive impact on your life and then work on being a better mentor (or co-worker or supervisor or spouse or parent or friend) yourself!

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