For starters, I’d be a hypocrite if I told you it was a bad idea to type your thoughts or feelings out…heck, these posts are exactly that. In fact, typing your thoughts and feelings is great…but don’t fall into a trap. I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard this but I thought about it last night and figured I’d send out a friendly reminder.

Have you ever come back from a meeting or maybe received an email or text and you weren’t really pleased with the information you received? Next step…you start banging out an email or text to the person telling them exactly why you are so angry, why you don’t agree with them and what the actual solution should be. Once your masterpiece is ready all that is left to do is hit send…but wait. I’ve found myself and folks I’ve shared an office with and gave this simple advice. Don’t hit send for 30 minutes, give yourself some time to let your emotions calm and in 30 minutes if you still feel like you need to send it then do it. Never has the send button been hit. Typically a phone call has been made or they (or I) have realized that it really wasn’t worth the confrontation…and we were just mad at the time. Try it next time…I’m curious to hear about the results. Have a great day!

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