If you read enough of my posts you’ll notice there won’t be a lack of the phrase “control what you can control”…but there is a lot more to it. Most of the time we are controlling something to get a result…and back in my military days one of the lessons I truly enjoyed teaching was metrics and leading and lagging indicators. If we understand them, focus on what we can control, I know you’ll get closer to the results you are looking for.

Simply put, a lagging indicator is the result of the efforts of the leading indicators…so you “control” the leading indicators. I’ll give a simple example…let’s say you want to lose 20 lbs. Each time you step on the scale, the weight displayed is a lagging indicator. It is a result of multiple things…a few might be did you exercise (leading), what did you eat (leading)..etc. You can’t control that number…it is a result of those lagging items…and many more.

So, whether it is at work, at home or just in your personal life, make sure you are looking at the right “indicators” and focus on those items. If you do that properly those lagging indicators take care of themselves. BTW, I love this topic so if anyone has inputs I’d love to discuss. Have a great day!

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