If you are a follower of my posts then you are well aware of how important I feel that setting and reaching goals are. You probably didn’t know that I’m a huge fan of golf and love to play (not claiming to be good at it). Then it clicked…the game of golf is such a great comparison to goals!

Think about it…short and long-term goals. A long-term goal compared to golf could be 18 holes (a full round). Let’s say your goal is to break the score of 90. Within that round is a bunch of short-term goals…each hole. As you play each hole you begin to see your strengths and weaknesses (I have a lot of those) and begin to make adjustments. After your first round maybe you didn’t reach your goal…but you go to the range, watch videos, take lessons…you work on what you need to reach your goal.

The same is true in life…might be at work, at school or at home. You set short and long-term goals…but you can’t get to the long-term goals without working on the short-term goals first. You might need some training or help along the way…but you WILL get there. The only way you won’t get there is if you don’t go out there and play. So set your goals and “grip it and rip it”! See you at the 19th green!

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