Last week, I typed up a post about leading from the front…and I just couldn’t get it off my mind. The more I thought about it, the more I kept reverting back, to what I think, is a great way to think about it.

Now you may have to go back to the days of pre-Siri, Google Maps…etc., but have you ever been tasked with being the leader of a caravan? You’ve got to lead multiple vehicles from one destination to another…sounds simple, right? We’ll use only three vehicles for our examples today. Example #1: You’re driving this caravan through the city, your light turns yellow…what do you do? Fly through it and the other 2 vehicles now have no clue where you are at? You can quickly stop, ensuring the group sticks together, making sure everyone gets to the destination. Perhaps it wasn’t safe to stop quickly, you have an option to pull over and wait for the rest of the crew and continue. Point is, did you look at for yourself as the leader or did you think about the other 2 vehicles?

Example #2: You’re driving down the interstate at 65 mph. You want to pass some traffic before this long line of cars slows you up even more…but there is only room for you to get over…what do you do? You can get over, but the other 2 vehicles will be waiting while you are sailing through clear traffic. You could turn on your blinker, indicating you want to get over and see if the other 2 get over first, clearing the path for you to get over. Option #3, you wait for a space for when all 3 have room to get over safely even though it slows you down.

I said it in my last post and I’ll say it again today, saying the words “leading from the front” that is easy. Making the decisions while you’re up there, looking out for your team and not yourself, knowing that if your team doesn’t get to the destination…it doesn’t matter if you get there…well that is what separates good leaders from extraordinary leaders. Which one are you?

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