In March of 2020 I was a little of 2 years into my command and had 3 months left until my retirement ceremony. I’ll admit, the unit was running great and I was ready to put it on cruise control and begin starting my long checklist of retirement items…then the middle of March happened. We never saw it coming, we didn’t have a plan and there were many unknowns…but they sent us and our laptops home and said we’ll let you know when you can come back to work.

At that time, it didn’t matter what industry you were in, everyone had to come up with a plan on how they were going to get the job done in a different way. For some, they still had to go into a brick and mortar building. Others, their office was now at home…and still is today. Meeting aren’t conducted in conference rooms anymore…they are conducted virtually. Did everything go perfectly…absolutely not. Lives have been changed forever and the way we do business has likely changed for some time.

I’ve heard many say this…and I’ll admit I’ve even said they want 2020 to end so they can forget about it…but I’ll end 2020 with this reflection and a wrap-up of a lot of my posts. If you are reading this post you made it through 2020 and you’ve done something great. Never forget what you’ve made it through. Learn from the mistakes you’ve made and from your successes…write them down. Share those lessons with others so they learn from them. There are too many people that are struggling right now, find somebody and change their day. A kind word or gesture is sometimes all it takes. Set goals for yourself, make a plan, then go out and reach your goals. Folks, don’t let 2020 get you down…you’ve done great this year and the future is bright. I look forward to seeing the successes of everyone in 2021! Thanks for taking the time to read my posts this year!

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