Have you ever wondered how you are doing as a leader? Sure, you can ask for feedback from you boss, peers, or even from those you lead. I came up with a simple way you can find out by asking yourself a question…pretty simple “can you pack your bags and leave for 30 days and feel comfortable about doing it”?

Now, I’ll caveat with this is my opinion, but I believe we should all be training people to move up into their next position and should be grooming our replacement. I’m also not a big believer in micro-managing an organization. Now there will be some decisions or documents that might need signed that require your signature. There will be some battles to be fought that will require you to go to bat for your folks. However, if you can feel comfortable leaving for 30 days and know the “mission” will get done, then you have built an organization built around a foundation of teamwork…not an organization build that is dependent upon you.

So ask yourself that question, truly think about the answer. Maybe it just works for me…but I think it can apply to others as well…just have to be open to the idea. Have a great day!

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