I shocked myself today when I realized I haven’t written anything about laughing. I’ve focused so much on other life topics that I forgot the one thing that has helped me get to where I am today…bring a little laughter and fun into life (that includes work).

Now, it doesn’t mean that you have to do a stand-up routine everyday, but there is just something special about seeing the glimmer in people’s eyes when they smile. My biggest joy was making that one person that you could tell just wasn’t a smiler and breaking them.

My challenge, find a time today to smile and laugh. I bet you’ll find the topic at that time won’t be a negative one. I bet you find the mood changes and people will be more open, people will be more focused and motivated to get the job done. Look back at your life and think about a time when laughter has impacted your life in a positive way…and share it! Have fun today and smile šŸ™‚

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