Let’s admit it…we are all busy. Doesn’t matter the size or type of organization you are in, the calendar seems to get filled quickly. Doesn’t mean our teams don’t want/need to hear from us and get a little of our time. Sure, we can send a mass email, have a mass organizational meeting and you address everyone…don’t stop that, that needs to continue. I’m telling you now, those times that matter most to them…and you, will be the times when you find to spend some 1-on-1 time with them.

I had 2 times a month that I had on the schedule. “Take an Airman to Lunch”. Spent an hour getting to know an Airman…those were great power lunches. I also did “Shadow the Commander”. I spent an entire day with someone…not only did I get to know them, but gave them a peek behind the curtain…go to some meetings. Then you have to have the “un-scheduled” times…the times when you cross paths and decide to spend 5-10 minutes just to chit chat. Sure, it might put you behind, but you may have just made a day…or just showed them you cared.

Try it today…you won’t know when the opportunity is going to present itself, but when it does, STOP, take the time and just talk about them and what is going on in their life. I promise…you’ll still get your job done. Have a great day!

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