I’ve heard the term “Ladder of Success” but never really put a lot of thought into it…until I realized how many different types of actual ladders I had lying around. Made me think, what really is the Ladder of Success? Guess it depends on what your definition of success is…or maybe your goal. Once you define that, then you can choose your ladder. If I need to do something easy around the house I might get away with my 6 foot ladder, but if I need to get to the gutters on the back of the house…then I need to bring out the big boy. Once I determine the goal…then I can choose my ladder.

You can do the same in life, but as you’ve heard me say many times, it starts with setting a goal, you have to determine your definition of what success is. Then choose your ladder and begin the climb. Don’t forget, just like when I clean out the gutters, many times, you’re going to need someone to help you steady that ladder…make sure you don’t fall off. My wife does that for me, both in my life ladder and when I’m cleaning the gutters…she’s always there for me…so find someone to help you steady that ladder. Finally, when you reach the top of the ladder…don’t stop. That’s why they make extendable ladders…so you can go higher! If you get to the top and realize that wasn’t what you wanted, find another ladder and start climbing that one…just never stop climbing!

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