I realized today, that from a literal perspective, I think I’ve worn a ball-cap style hat every day for the last 30+ years…and I have specific ones depending on what I’m doing. When I was in the Air Force, I wore the hat for the uniform I was wearing. Now, working from home, I have a specific cap I like to wear when I’m working at the desk, I switch hats when I go for a bike ride, and I throw on my camo cap when I’m working in the yard.

In a figurative perspective I, like many others, wear multiple hats every day. I have caps for each of those too…dad, husband, negotiator, listener, motivator, comedian (I like to make folks laugh), workaholic…you name it, there is a hat for it…but here is the lesson I learned thinking about the wearing of all those hats, both literally and figuratively.

That hat goes on the head of the same person, the same brain, the same values, the same work ethic…the person doesn’t change. Sure, maybe the behavior changes to suit the situation. Far too many times I’ve seen “the hat” change the person…it gets to their head. We have all got to where we are in life, both personally and professionally being who we are…don’t let a “hat” change you. Have a great day!!

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