For the most part, I’d think it is fair to say that most of us either provide some sort of product or service in whatever industry we are in. I’d also think it is fair to say, most of us will never see the actual user that will use the end product that is delivered…and if you happen to be in an industry in which you do, be grateful. Sometimes I feel like it can be difficult to motivate our teams…and if you ever find yourself in that situation remind them of this…what you do changes lives every day!

You could be making parts for a vehicle or aircraft that might be used to save a life. You might be a delivery driver delivering a package to a child from a grandparent. You could be designing software that will be used by someone that never thought they would be able to use a computer. You might be a fast food worker making a hamburger that will be given to a homeless person. The list could go on and on…the lesson is, we don’t always know who will benefit from what we do…but know that for one of those people it may be changing their life forever…and that is why we come in and give it 100% every day! Think about those people today as you are working and spread the message to your teams! Have a great day!

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