How many times have you set a goal and you didn’t meet it? We do it all the time…just ask anyone that has set a New Year’s Resolution. Sometimes we just talk about that one thing we’ve always wanted to do but just never have done it. We can set goals, we can talk about the things we’ve always wanted to do…but it won’t get done until you “jump”.

I believe the year was 2015 for me…I knocked out 2 things in the span of a couple of months. First, I decided to do a Tough Mudder…I didn’t do it alone, I did it with my youngest son. I’m pretty sure we were both apprehensive about it…but we jumped and we did it. Second, I had always talked about skydiving…but never jumped…literally! My middle son decided that for Father’s Day he and I would go…we did and the fact that I’m typing this today proves we survived.

Lesson for today…you can do more than you ever imagined…you just have to jump! It is even better and a lot more enjoyable if you have someone with you, encouraging you along. So whether you are the doer, the encourager, or both…quit talking about it and just jump!

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