You’ve heard me say many times that in order to get somewhere you have to set a goal…have a plan…makes me think about playing football when I was a kid.

We’d grab all the neighborhood kids we could, a good game would be 5-5 or 6-6 teams. Most of the time the quarterback would get the ball, you heard some echoes of “One Mississippi, Two Mississippi” and then normally a wild pass would go up. Sometimes it would result in a catch and sometimes it wouldn’t. Then we started doing something different, we’d start to huddle up and the quarterback would draw out a play in the dirt. Now, each receiver knew what their route was, the quarterback would know where they were supposed to be…and now the plays started to become organized. Didn’t mean we scored a touchdown every play or win the neighborhood Superbowl, but we had a plan and everyone knew their part and we just had to execute.

Same thing works today, at work and in our everyday lives. Maybe it starts out with drawing in the dirt, or on a napkin…but start to write out your plans and include everyone involved. Once everyone knows the plan and is on the same page you’ll be amazed on how much better the game will be played! Have a great day!

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