Have you ever been driving and taken time to really think about what is going on with all of the vehicles on the road? Sure, there are some accidents from time to time, but big picture, it is an amazing thing to watch all of the vehicles driving around, maneuvering through traffic, and everyone finds their way to their destination. We do all of that with primarily 2 ways of communicating between vehicles: 1) brake lights and 2) turn signals. The one we actually have control over is the turn signal…and if you or someone else fails to use it…let’s just say some other forms of communication may get used that we won’t discuss here. When one person driving fails to communicate with the other drivers that is when bad things can start to happen. Maybe you forgot to use it or assumed that they knew you were turning or switching lanes…but if you want to make sure, use your turn signal.

The point, we need to use our turn signal at home and at work too. We need to make sure we are direct with our intent, let everyone know what our plan is…then when it is safe, make our move. I’ve seen the failure to communicate cause hours or days of re-work, investigating problems that weren’t really there, all because of communication. Think about that on your drive to work today and have a great day!

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