Now I know that everyone probably doesn’t use this method…but many do. Think about how you put a puzzle together. You dump the pieces out, sort the pieces with straight edges (so you can put the frame together first) then probably prop the top of the box up so you can see what the puzzle will look like when you’re done…then it’s time to get started.

First is the frame…it is the building block for the puzzle. Get that together and then you can start on the middle. Then you find that next part that you can try and piece together and focus on that part. If you have a partner, they might focus on another portion of the puzzle. As each of you finish your small section, you continue to complete small sections until you finally have a complete picture. Any of this sound familiar???

You could adapt this into so many concepts…project management (waterfall or agile), completing your “to-do” list at home or even writing a research paper. Concepts are the same…lay out the pieces, sort them into smaller groups/tasks, build a framework and then start knocking out each task until you’ve reached your goal…the picture on the front of the box! While you’re at it…go grab a puzzle and put it together this weekend!

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