Maybe I write about this topic too much…maybe it’s because I believe in it so much! It just seems like the more I look around, the more everyone is focused on stats/metrics, the end product, getting promoted, winning awards…etc. Well guess what? Unless you are in a business of 1, there is a team of people surrounding you that either helps you…or they are the ones actually getting their hands dirty getting the work done. In fact, many of us in leadership roles probably couldn’t go out and do half of the work that is required to produce whatever product it is in your business.

There is a team of folks that handle that work….get to know them. Know what they need to to their jobs. Know about their families and personal lives. Believe it or not, once folks “clock out” they have a life after work. That team will either be motivated to come in and work their tails off for/with you or they will simply go through the motions and produce an average product…it’s up to you.

I’ve said this before and I’ll never stop saying it…take care of those folks…make them priority #1. If you do that, I promise you this…stats/metrics, the end product, getting promoted…and that team winning awards…it will happen all on it’s own!

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