If that quote were true life would certainly be boring. Who wants a bunch of perfect people running around? I tell ya though…I love watching people try to improve themselves…to me, that’s what practice is all about.

I can remember days back in high school when I could barely stand up in front of class and read a speech off a piece of paper…I was scared to death. Now, I can stand up in front of a large audience and do a briefing with no problem. I can read it from a piece of paper, have note cards or do it completely from memory…but I promise you one thing…I’ve practiced that briefing a minimum of 10-12 times. Sure, I still get nervous, but the fact that I know what I’m going to say…that’s one less thing that I have to worry about…because I practiced.

You ever hear of pro athletes that don’t practice? In fact, if they don’t show up for practice they get fined…that’s how important practice is for them. They’ll practice multiple days for one game.

Try something over the next few weeks. Watch people “perform” at work and try and tell if they practiced…and then ask them. If they performed well I’ll bet the answer is “yes”…let them know you could tell. If they had some room for improvement and the answer was “no”…offer them the advice to practice. Maybe the performance was yours…ask yourself the same question. Remember, you will probably always have some room for improvement…and that’s okay…now you know where to practice more next time. Each time you do it though, you will get better…and that is what is important! Have a great day!

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