Short-version of my life story…I graduated high school, started college, quit, got married, joined the military, and around the time I was 32 I finally got around to finishing my Bachelor’s degree. One of the best decisions I ever made, led to me commissioning as an officer and the rest is history…but I remember when I finished I said I was done going to school. Little did I know a couple of years later I would start my Master’s degree…and one class at a time I finished that…and I said I was done going to school. Then on a whim I decided to get my Real Estate License…not an easy thing to earn…but I passed on the first go round…and exhausted I said I was done! About a year out from retirement I was given the opportunity to take a PMP course…so I did it. I wanted to be more competitive while I was on the job hunt after retirement…and little did I know how much would go into studying to passing that 4-hour test…but I did it.

Point of this story is, you can hang it up whenever you decide you’re satisfied at where you are at. If you want to be competitive, continue to make yourself better, learn something new…and just challenge yourself…go out and try something new. Get a degree, a certification, or a license…anything that makes you better. I’ve already planned out my next 3 courses for future certifications…what’s your plan??

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