While listening to an audio book by Jeff Sutherland he discussed how he can transform teams do things and then how the teams take care of transforming individuals within the teams.  It reminded me of my days coaching Little League baseball.  Every team seems to have that one child, let’s admit it, that just isn’t a baseball player.  We had a great team, but we had a coach with one rule, every kid played each game…win or lose.  I remember one particular year we had a player that would step into the batter’s box, just scared to death of the ball.  We knew it was a strikeout when he got up.  However, the coaches and players worked with him to teach him to just stay in the box and swing at everything…and guess what?  Midway through the season he got his first hit.  Couple of games later he got another hit, and then another.  Eventually, this “guaranteed strikeout” became just another batter stepping up to the plate being lifted up by his teammates and coaches. 

We can do the same thing today…as adults.  When we see a weakness in someone you have 2 options: 1) Look away and ignore it and let their weakness affect the entire team and they’ll be a guaranteed strikeout, 2) Bring the team together and work on their weakness, lift them up and teach them how to do it better.  If you are going to have a team…it isn’t about having enough players to fill a quota, it is about including everyone and making them feel like they are contributing…because they are! Have a great day!

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