We made it to another year and a whole new decade. Still hard to fathom it being the year 2020. I can still remember how it felt when we all hit Y2K and how we imagined in the year 2020 there would be robots walking the streets along side of us and aliens in line next to us at Starbucks. Although, this has not happened, it is quite fun to imagine what the future holds.

In fact, many of us will create resolutions for the new year. I am personally not a resolution person, because reality is we will make a mistake and break the resolution. Then instead of picking ourselves right back up, we just quit. Set goals for the year instead. A goal is something to work towards where a resolution is something you are working against. A goal allows you to make a mistake and start fresh the next time.

Happy New Year everyone and thank you for allowing me to share my thoughts with you each day!