Back in the 1980s there was a big anti-drug campaign with lots of commercials. Many of you might remember the one comparing your brain on drugs to an egg in a frying pan…seems like yesterday. There was another commercial with a father who had just found some hidden drugs, asking his son if they were his. His son finally confesses and finally admits “I learned it from watching you”. This made me reflect on my time as an Air Force officer, specifically a Squadron Commander, and how I was always careful about what I said, how I acted, or even what I posted on social media, because I knew I was always being watched. However, and this may seem elementary, this is bigger than being an officer in the Air Force. This is true of any employee, parent, co-worker, leader, or friend. Everything that you say, everything you post on social media, how you conduct yourself, you’re being watched by everyone around you. They are either going to learn from you, start to act like you, form opinions of you, then either walk with you or turn away from you…fact of life. Just something to think about as we go about our lives each day.

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