So there I was, I was finally running my first Aircraft Maintenance Unit (AMU). I had been an assistant in multiple AMUs prior, but this one was mine. Problem was, at the morning meetings, folks weren’t providing me the same information that had been provided at prior AMUs I had been in. After about a week I had enough and my first thought was to go off…they should know better. Didn’t the previous person expect that information to be provided?? After I thought about it I decided against “going off” and thought how can I get angry at them if I haven’t told them what I wanted? Maybe the previous person didn’t have the same expectations. I rallied everyone in on a Saturday to have a meeting, explained my unhappiness, but explained it was my fault for not telling them what I wanted. I then proceeded to lay out my expectations for them and then asked them what their expectations were for me. Then I said we would wipe the slate clean and from this point on our jobs were to meet each other’s expectations and if we couldn’t we should be prepared to explain why. Remember that nobody knows your expectations but you. Hold yourself accountable first before you can hold others accountable.

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