We all know that horses wear blinders so they aren’t distracted by what is going on around them…they need to stay focused on what is in front of them. In the workplace, that would seem to be a good concept for employees, however, with today’s culture of change, Lean, 6-Sigma…whichever term you want to use we have often utilized the term “take the blinders off”. I for one couldn’t agree more…but the only problem is this and I’ve seen it too many times. When the person telling everyone to take the blinders off is keeping theirs on…it doesn’t work. Take the blinders off the horses and put blinders on the driver…he’s still going to steer them only in the direction he can see. As a leader, practice what you preach, take your blinders off too…you’ll be amazed at what you’ll see! Have a great day!

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