“Leading from the Front”…not an uncommon phrase, I think we’ve all probably heard it said, and most say that it is a good style of leadership…let me say up front, I’m not disagreeing with that. What I will ask, while you may be up front…what are you doing up there?? Are you turned around and pointing fingers at your team? Are you so far ahead of the team that they don’t know where you are at? Are you clearing the path for them, removing the obstacles? The path is tougher for you, but they have a clearing and can (and will) have your back? I sometimes found that my best leaders did lead from the front but every once in awhile they paused and walked beside me…or even let me take the lead.

Today is a short and sweet reflection…if you are leading from the front (and I hope you are) take a look at the view from up there and ask yourself what you are doing up there?? If you are alone or if you are at the front and look over your shoulder and nobody is there…maybe you need a new view. Have a great day!

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