As a parent or leader I think it is fair to say we try to pass on our “wisdom” to our families (home or work) to help them. They may consider them “lectures” from dad and we may feel like we aren’t getting through to them…but you are.

My kids are all grown and for the first time in many years we had them all home for Christmas. As I sat and listened to their conversations, many times their conversations reverted back to my “lectures”…they were listening. Even during phone calls I hear how they react to situations…they were listening.

The point of this is, it is our job to be a parent and leader…at home and work. Not every child or worker will take action from your words on that day…they are ALL different. Doesn’t mean you stop doing your job. Keep at it…and when the time is right, you’ll see it in their behaviors. They won’t show it…but they are listening…just send the right message! Have a great day!

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