When I was 18 I married my high school sweetheart…happy to report we are still married today! At that time I was stocking shelves at Food Lion. At 19, my first son was born. Over the next 6 years we had another son, I had moved my way up to a manager at Food Lion, left Food Lion for Frito Lay left there and tried my hand at selling time shares. At 25, I decided to pursue what I had dreamed of doing…joining the Air Force.

I came in as an aircraft electrician, no stripes on my sleeve, a wife, 2 kids (we added a 3rd boy) and a high school diploma. Along the way, while I was a tech school instructor, I earned my bachelor’s degree and applied to become an officer…and was selected. I truly loved aircraft maintenance, opted to become an aircraft maintenance officer and was fortunate enough to do that for the next 15 1/2 years. I finished off my Air Force career in the best way, I was a squadron commander, I was, and still am married to my high school sweet heart, I have 3 healthy boys that are doing well and I was hired by a great company working on a project with a great mission. I was supported by my family and met a ton of great folks along the way!

I share a very condensed version of my story because as the title states…everyone has one. Sharing your story can motivate someone to do something they never thought they could…you never know. On the flip side, some of the best stories I’ve heard in my life are when I’ve asked people to share their story…now those are the inspiring ones. So the challenge today is simple…ask someone to share their story with you and/or share your story with someone else. It is amazing what you WILL learn…I promise!

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